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Health-E Gambling

What is Health-E Gambling?

Health-E Gambling is an integrated web and notification system, which provides mobile learning and intervention resources.

By registering with this site, each week, for eight weeks, you will receive 3-4 educational messages related to gambling and excessive gambling.

You can come to this website to learn more about the topic of each message.

Can Health-E Gambling help me?

Health-E Gambling also provides access to tools that will help you gamble responsibly, should you choose to gamble. These tools include a gambling tracker, a virtual sponsor, a resource finder, and a gambling support forum. Get more details after you login..

How do I use Health-E Gambling?

Health-E Gambling is easy to use. For people who just want to learn about responsible gambling, you can access information from three sections:

  1. Learn the Basics;
  2. Learn about You; and
  3. Learn more.

People who are interested in accessing the Health-E Gambling responsible gambling tools will need to login to the website.

Please login or register to gain access.